Netman 204 is a device that allows UPS management through a LAN (Local Area Network); the accessory supports all the main network protocols (SNMP v1 and v3, TCP/IP, HTTP and so on) and is compatible with Ethernet 10/100Mbps IPv4/6 networks. The UPS can therefore be integrated easily into medium and large-sized networks. The device also records UPS values and events in the history log archive and can manage optional environmental sensors (not included with the device, but supplied separately)


  • Processor RISC 32bit
  • Compatible with 10/100Mbps Ethernet and IPv4/6 networks
  • Compatible with PowerShield3 and TeleNetGuard
  • SNMP v1 and v3 with RFC1628 for PowerNETGuard and NMS connections
  • SNMP v1 and v3 with RFC3433 for the environmental sensors management
  • HTTP for the UPS control via web browser
  • SMTP for the Email alarms notification
  • Modbus/TCP
  • BACnet/IP
  • High expandability
  • WiFi ready, using a customized dongle can communicate via WiFi network
  • Data and event log
  • Wake-on LAN feature to reboot computer
  • More standards: DHCP, DNS, RARP, FTP, NTP, ICMP, IGMP
  • Environmental sensors management
  • Configuration via sessions SSH and HTTP
  • Upgradable Firmware through FTP and HTTP