Our AdPoS UPS systems are divided into three groups:

When do we need a UPS?

Computer systems, servers, telecommunication systems, production lines and many other electronic devices must be supplied continuously with power, without any interruption. Our supply network usually provides this voltage, but on its way to the end user, voltage and current are often influenced by various interferences. This shows in the form of voltage spikes and sags, high voltage and undervoltage as well as “contamination” by harmonic distortion. This may result in damage to hardware or a complete failure of your computer, server etc. If you are lucky, only the data in your PC`s RAM memory will be lost, but you are in really big trouble if your hardware is affected and you have to put up with several hours of downtime.

In the last five years, the quality of electrical power declined considerably, basically caused by the deregulation of the power supply market. As a first measure, the power suppliers reduced service in order to reduce costs. Huge blackouts like in the east of the USA and in Europe are well remembered. According to a survey conducted by the Council of European Energy Regulators, Italian power supply customers had to face an average of 191 minutes of electrical power outage. In terms of supply guarantee, this denotes the worst case in Western Europe, well ahead of Norway (180), Sweden (152), Great Britain (63), France (57), Netherlands (25) and Germany (15). Partial cause for this trend are disproportionate deregulation measures. To keep economic damages and disadvantages low, self-help is vitally important.

However, efficient and favourably-priced protection against such misfortunes is available! The installation of an uninterruptible power supply system UPS) guarantees that critical devices (PCs, servers, computer centers) are supplied with continuous, controlled and filtered power. In case of a power failure in the utility, the load is supplied with power via the UPS. Intelligent software which connects the UPS with the PC will power down the computer correctly when the battery is running low so that all data are kept.

AdPoS provides customized uninterruptible power systems for any of your “current problems”. The respective product pages will show you which UPS is the right one for you.